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If you are happy with the care you received from Licatese Chiropractic, please share your experience by creating a review on Facebook and Google!

Dr. Anthony Licatese is a great friend of mine, however my testimonial comes from something deeper than just our friendship. He (along with my oncologist) saved my life. Dr. Licatese is undoubtedly passionate about his profession and takes his job very seriously. This was proven to me while being treated for a lingering back pain issue. During the course of my treatment Dr. Licatese became aware that my pain was not coming from my back. Dr. Licatese informed me that he believed that my problem was possibly Ovarian and encouraged that I visit my gynecologist. It turned out that I had 2 very large ovarian tumors, which later turned out to be stage IV Ovarian Cancer.


I am certain that Dr. Licatese is the reason I'm still here today, writing this testimonial. Anyone looking for a Chiropractor with great medical knowledge with a caring and professional demeanor should call University Chiropractic and ask for Dr. Anthony Licatese.


-Chrystal Hoyt, Oswego County, NY

If it wasn't for Dr. Licatese, I probably would have never known exactly what was wrong with my back. Besides being very knowledgeable and professional, Dr. Licatese is a very caring doctor. I would recommend anyone that is looking for chiropractic care to visit Dr. Licatese's office.

-Brian Earl

As an avid runner and triathlete, I developed a throbbing pain in the front/side of my left heal. Not knowing what to do and without seeing a doctor in years, I consulted Dr. Licatese. He instantly informed me what he thought was wrong and after working on my foot for a mere 5 minutes, with a quick pop, he indicted my foot would heal in 2-3 days. I was skeptical, but couldn't believe after three days the pain had completely subsided. I wouldn't hesitate seeing Dr. Licatese in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from joint and/or muscle pain.

-Eric Hinman


I have been seeing a Chiropractor since 1984. Everyone at my work place was talking about a new Chiropractor, Dr. Anthony Licatese. Everything I heard was positive and they liked him, which led me to make an appointment. After an examining me during one of my visits, Dr. Licatese decided to take an x-ray of my right hip. When he reviewed the x-ray films, he said, "No wonder you hurt! You are bone on bone in your right hip!" Without hesitation Dr. Licatese contacted a specialist and arranged an appointment for me. Today I have no more pain!! I give all the credit to Dr. Licatese. He sat with me on countless appointments and listened to my complaints. He is professional and very passionate about what he does. If it weren't for him, I am convinced that I would still be in pain and not know why.


Thank you from the heart,

-Robin Pryor

I have been extremely fortunate to be under the care of Dr. Anthony Licatese. In September of 2003 I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. Since that time, I have had the complete pleasure to get to know Dr. Licatese, as well as his amazing family. He has truly improved the quality of my life. I have always been amazed at the knowledge Dr. Licatese has. I have also been impressed with his complete kindness and the compassion that Dr. Licatese exhibits for his patients on a day-to-day basis. Dr. Licatese also teaches at Oswego State University and I have often thought how lucky his students are to have this highly competent kind, young man as an instructor. Dr. Anthony Licatese is a complete credit to his profession and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone I come in contact with. There is not anyone who has been treated by this competent young man who would not agree with me. We are lucky to have this amazing medical professional in our community.

-Brian Kirkpatrick

In 2009 I was preparing to enter a police academy at the age of 46. Two months before the academy began my back went out and I found myself on the floor for 5 hours. Long story short, this happened to me several times until a friend told me about Dr. Licatese, and sure enough the hype was true he's a life saver. He straightened me up and kept me running throughout the academy.

There is more to Dr. Licatese than his magic touch and skill in keeping these old bones straight. He is likely one of the most caring and genuine individuals I have ever met. My wife passed away in 2011 of ovarian cancer, and her family and I have been raising money for Upstate Medical Center Ovarian Cancer Research (Christine Schoeck-Blakely Ovarian Cancer Research Fund). I spoke with Dr. Licatese about placing some of the flyers for the upstate fund in his office, and within hours he had begun planning a charity event for the fund. The event took place this past September and raised $1400.00. He personally went to Upstate medical center and turned over the proceeds from the event.

Dr. Licatese is an amazing healer and a tremendous friend, and I look forward to every visit. Amazingly, he has added a Doctor to his practice that is very similar in nature, and a fantastic chiropractor. I met Dr. Barker at the charity event and he has worked his magic on my back several times - They're an amazing team.


-Ed Blakely

I am currently a patient of Dr. Anthony Licatese . I am being treated by Dr. Licatese for disk herniation of my lower back. My injury occurred in 2006 and I spent approximately 2 years going from Dr. to Dr. trying to find help. When I came to Dr. Licatese I was taking morphine 3 times a day for the pain. I slept most of the time and was fooling myself thinking I was getting better because the pain was going away. Little did I realize damage was still being done to my back I just did not feel it. Dr. Licatese helped me get off the morphine with positive reinforcement and treatments. Part of getting better is not only the Dr. Licatese's treatments but also his positive attitude. When you are in extreme pain the only thing you want is to be out of pain at any cost. Drugs are usually most injured people's first choice. But as I took many different pain medicines I discovered I needed more and more to relieve my pain. Soon you discover the drugs are ruining your life. Internally they eat your stomach up and emotionally you become depressed and no longer have a life. With Dr. Licatese's chiropractic treatments, exercise instructions and positive reinforcement I hope someday to pain free. Dr. Licatese has given me a chance to make my life better. Pain management with the use of drugs should only be used as a last resort. In my opinion Chiropractic treatment should be the first step you take in recovering from an injury not the last. Just as important Dr. Licatese's staff is caring and concerned about your health. They are just nice people!! I would be glad to talk with anyone going through a tough time with pain. I have been there and I know what it feels like. Sometimes it helps to just talk about it. Give Dr. Licatese a chance and you will be glad you did.


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